Mission Support Network

Is a non profit ministry dedicated to advancing the Kingdom of God throughout the nations and was founder by Stuart and Cathy Greer. Find out more at www.msnministries.org


The Lord says, "Today is the day of salvation!" God wants to heal you in every way both emotionally, physically and spiritually. He wants to set you free and He is able to do it! We pray today you find freedom in Christ.

This website was created to provide information about the personal deliverance prayer ministry of Stuart Greer. It's also our desire that this website will help to equip and encourage believers in the use of spiritual warfare and deliverance ministry. There are resource available on this website for inexperienced Christians who wish to learn how to set the captives free from the control of evil spirits. Feel free to copy, replicate or use any part of this website and or it's material. "The ideas presented here come out of my experiences, experiences of others, and guidance from the Bible and the leading of the Spirit. It’s my hope you will learn to set others free." - Blessings, Stuart Greer